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Care Services

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of care for elderly people in a comfortable and secure environment.

  • Our residents' independence and dignity is of paramount importance to us. Residents are encouraged to retain a level of independence according to their abilities and wishes.
  • All residents are treated as individuals. We wish to establish a flexible approach to their needs, so that each individual can be given the care that is most suited to them, taking into account personal choices and abilities.
  • Residents are encouraged to make choices and decisions for themselves, within their capabilities. To this end a Key Worker is essential to be responsible for the ascertaining and recording of each individual residents' case history.
  • It is important that residents are encouraged to participate in social events and continue with hobbies or develop new ones. Staff spend time stimulating leisure and other interests to maximise the quality of life for each individual.
  • Although the comfort within the home is of primary importance, we also believe that the provision of a garden area is important. Comfortable seating areas are provided and flowers and hanging baskets planted. For those who are unable or unwilling to leave the Home, bird tables and feeders provide interest from within the public rooms.
  • Although no-one need be alone unless they choose to be, the residents' right to privacy is respected at all times.
  • Residents are treated with respect at all times enabling each individual to maintain a sense of dignity.
  • We are committed to providing the highest standard of care for our residents. The care which we offer covers all aspects of a residents' life. We are dedicated to working together with each individual to empower them to live the life they choose.


We have endeavoured and will continue to endeavour to make North Argyll Home a home from home. An excellent quality of life is available here, as many residents have already experienced.



  • Bathing  In addition to the bedrooms with en-suite showers, there are special baths suitable for the less able resident. These baths allow easy access for residents who have difficulty using a standard bath.
  • Laundry  Our experienced laundry staff will cater for residents' personal needs. If clothing requires dry-cleaning this can be arranged and the cost added to residents' accounts. To assist in identifying personal clothing, all items should be marked. Labelling may be undertaken by the Home but labels take 2-3 days to arrive after ordering.
  • Hairdressing  We have a qualified hairdresser who visits the Home on a weekly basis.
  • Chiropody  We have a private Chiropodist who will be delighted to attend to any chiropody needs at least once every eight weeks, more regularly if necessary.
  • Library There is a wide selection of books available appealing to all tastes, and books are changed on a regular basis. The local library provides video and cassette tapes. There is also a talking book service available and talking newspapers. Large print books are available.
  • Postal Service  Personal mail is delivered to residents' rooms at its arrival. Any mail that needs to be posted should be placed in the box by the kitchen.
  • Pets  Visitors are welcome to bring pets into the Home provided they are kept under control.
  • Telephone Many residents have telephones installed in their rooms and this can be organised by next of kin. A public telephone is available in the main reception hall.
  • Church Services/Chaplain On alternate Sunday mornings a church service is held in the Home. Chaplains of all denominations visit the Home on a regular basis, as well as on request to enable residents' spiritual needs to be met. For residents who are able and wish to go out to morning worship, transport is arranged.
  • Emergency Call System The Home is covered by an up-to-date residents' emergency call system. The call point and extension cords are situated in every bedroom, toilets, bathrooms, lounges and other public areas. A member of staff will always respond to any calls.
  • Holidays If residents intend going on holiday, their care worker will assist them with the preparation.
  • Visitors For the comfort and convenience of residents, the Home operates an open visiting policy and visitors are welcome at any time. Visitors can be entertained in any of the lounges or in individual bedrooms. Our catering staff will provide refreshments if requested.
  • Alcohol  Many residents enjoy an occasional drink. If a resident wishes to keep alcohol in their room, this must be first discussed with the Manager. At weekends and special occasions, a selection of spirits, soft drinks and snacks are available for those who wish to partake.
  • Smoking  Please note that North Argyll House is a non-smoking establishment.